NGC 2775

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Exposure Time:
Focal Length:
Raw FWHM (Seeing):
Image Processing:
Sky Conditions:
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SBIG ST10 E  LRGB Image with CFW8
L=40m 2xBin, R=10m, G=10m, B=10m 3xbin
T1T 1.2m Cassegrain Telescope with the 0.5x CaF2 Focal Reducer
CFW8 Filter
Blind guiding without any autoguider !!!
4-lens Reducer with CaF2-element
2.6 arc seconds
deconvolution, DDP
for Trebur conditions above average transparency, 5mag lim. mag.
Philipp Keller, Christian Fuchs and the T1T-Team

We streched the image hard to make also the outer dust band visible, therefore the image appears a little noisy. The group of small galaxies north of the galaxy is just an extra bonus. 

The extreme tracking performance of this telescope allowed to track the telescope blind without any tracking corrections for 2m integration times. After a better polar alignment maybe 10m will be possible.

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